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First Year Favorites

July 13, 2017

James's 1st Birthday is creeping around the corner and i'll just be over here, living in denial. It's a good place to go when you don't want to believe your baby is now a toddler. Throughout the last, almost 11 months, i've realized I have some favorite baby items. So here they are, some things on the list for Mama too!


1. Our XOve Baby Swaddle ($24.95), this blanket is easily one of the softest blankets James has, it's made from bamboo muslin. We love the nantucket stripe design and you can also add a custom monogram through the company. Such a great comfort object and light weight fabric for the summer months. 


2. Sophie La Giraffe, if you're looking for baby toys this is one is a must ($24.99)! James loved her even when he was teeny tiny. Her dark eyes stimulated his site and she squeaks. Clearly you can see he is still madly in love from the first image. She helps sooth his gums while he is teething, has a vanilla smell and the soft rubber is great for his sense of touch.


3. Mama Bear Graphic Tee, we love graphics and this company. Loved by Hannah and Eli ($35). A mom started this business and runs it with her family, we are all for small business! I personally love this camo tee, plus they have classic colors as well.  


4. Cloud B, Sweet Dreamz On The Go Bear ($16.99). This thing is a life saver, car rides and the car seat in general, are not a favorite for our little dude. However, with our Cloud B portable sound machine, life became way easier. We turn this bad boy on and cruise, James knocks out. Secret Weapon for the win, we also have the Sleep Sheep for at home and it's great for nap time or bedtime. 




5. Ergo Baby Carrier, Bundle of Joy in Black & Camel with Infant Insert. On sale now for $89.00! I actually had this gifted to me from my sister in law, because she switched to a different carrier, but this Ergo is awesome! Many times Mom's love the idea of the 360 (where baby can face outward) but because of my occasionally clumsiness I like to have James facing towards me. He is also old enough now where he can ride on my back with the carrier, THANK GOD! Ergo also has tutorials for all the different carries, which is very helpful. Check out their site or youtube. 



6. Surprize by Stride Rite, these are exclusive to Target and only $14.99. They are mean't for crawlers and early cruisers, which is currently James. We slide these on for when we are out in public and we think he will want down for a few minutes. They are adorable and protect his feet from the ground along with flexibility for his stability and foot development. 


7. S'Well Water Bottle ($35). Drinking enough water has always been a struggle for me, then when i started breastfeeding I realized I needed to make sure I was drinking a ton of water. S'well makes water bottles in 3 sizes and all their bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Thank you lord, water is a good friend, but coffee is the best friend a mom can have. 





8. Britax B Ready Stroller. I've talked about this in a previous post and it's because it's really that good. This stroller glides like you're walking on a cloud, is light and folds so simply. Not to mention, it can convert from a carseat stroller, to child stroller and later to carry two. We plan on having one more so this was a no brainer. 


9. Babo Botanicals Shampoo & Wash ($14.50). I did a ton of Mommy research for James before I even gave birth and this wash was rated the best across multiple boards for how pure and natural it's ingredients are. I feel so confident in using this on James and the smell helps him relax and enjoy bath time. 




There are our 'First Year Favorites' so far! 

Thanks for reading, what are some of your favorite baby products?







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