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Gifts & Toys for 1 Year Olds

August 29, 2017

James will officially be ONE! I gave birth to little dude on the 31st at 2:33am, a full week early. I guess it's safe to say James is a lot like his Mama, if you're not super early, you're late.


Since James's Birthday falls on a Thursday, we plan to open presents on his actual birthday and go on a special trip the following weekend. We took our time to research some great toys that are perfect for a one year old.  We made sure to get age appropriate toys and a few that my husband wouldn't let me say no to (even if I would rather stick to more natural toys.) 


So here are our top picks for One Year Old Boys!


1. Little Tykes Cozy Truck


Let's start with our largest purchase. Remember the little yellow and red car we all had growing up? This is essentially the same thing, but in the form of a truck. I told Sean to hold off on this one for a little while longer, but Amazon makes him a tag click happy. James will just have to enjoy this toy with us pushing him for a bit. However, this would be great for little ones who are more mobile and already walking.





2. Kiddey Knights Castle Play Tent 


I know, we are pretty cool parents right? This one gave us all the Game of Thrones feels. Plus, who doesn't like a toy that can be for inside and outside, collapses for organization and is great for hide a seek. This toy will easily grow with James and last us until he is at least 5. 





3. Hape Walk-A-Long Snail


James loves string so this was an easy choice. This toy is a 2-in-1, the back of the snail comes off and have a sorting side and a fill side. Educational and fun, we'll take it!





 4. Mega Bloks 80- Piece


Again, my husband wouldn't say no. He can't wait until lego's are all around the house. Mega Bloks are the next best thing for now!






5. Fun Play Tunnel


Playtime heaven, reviews showed this tunnel doesn't show wear and tear as fast as some others and the metal spring doesn't work its way out of the fabric over time. Again, collapsable for easy storage and a great toy for 1+. 






 6. Hape Musical Raindrop Toy


James always watches his Dada make his protein shake in the morning and wants to shake something as well, cue the hape musical toy. This will easily become a favorite.



7. Green Toys Stacking Cups


We are currently working on putting things away or back together after making a huge mess (master of messes, my son) we'll let you know how this one goes...






8. Hape Wooden Tool Set


You're probably thinking it too, why give a 1 year old a hammer. I may save this one for a little later, but i'm thinking it may help with hand eye coordination and color recognition. 





9. Hape Farm Animal Peg Puzzle


Puzzles are great for helping with various areas of development, I figured this one was a must. We love hape toys are highly recommend them because of their toys standards, however, I wish I would of went with a larger knob on this one. 




10. Harry Potter Organic Cotton Onesie


We are taking James to Harry Potter World a week after his birthday. I found this organic onesie and couldn't pass it up. Most people have a big party, but for us, we like to create memories (plus we have no family here in Florida.) Stay tuned for our YouTube on our trip and blog post!





Overall, we think James is going to love all his toys! What did you get for your 1 year olds birthday? 



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