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A Letter to my James

August 30, 2017

A whole year ago at this very moment, I was calling your Dad to tell him, "I think it's time." Little did I know, I was about to face some of the most difficult hours of my life, that would soon be followed by the most joyous moment of my life. I'm writing to share your past year and let you know how much love and light you bring to our hearts. To relive some of my favorite times and travel to the pockets in my heart that remember each stage of your life so far. 


My James Paul, your smile is contagious and your laughter makes the tough times fade, so quickly. You have grown into the little boy who stole my heart, little dude who is clever, sneaky and overly convincing. You test me everyday, but the moment your little arms wrap around me, all of my frustration disappears. You have such a kind and sharing personality and care deeply for others. You are strong willed, independent (when you want to be) and a super flirt. You know how to bat those lavish lashes of yours. You are the life of the party, star of the show and leader of the ring.


I always imagined what life would be like as a Mama, but I never could of envisioned how quickly time could melt through my fingers. You're all I've ever dreamed of in a Son and I'm not so sure I'm worthy of such an amazing little human. Thank you for making me a Mama, filling my heart with joy and showing me a love I didn't know existed. Here's to you and your first year of life! Cheers to many more memories and small little hugs and kisses. 



We love you,

Mama & Dada

























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