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Teething Toddler Temperature

September 1, 2017








Today is calling for no pants, lots of water and some much needed TLC. My poor little guy started running a temperature the second half of his birthday yesterday. We think he may be cutting another tooth or just fighting off a cold. I hate seeing him down, but I'm glad I can be the one to stay home and take care of him. 


For some Mama's medicine is a go-to or a no-no, but I try and stay neutral and give James Motrin as needed. I found that James was having a reaction to the red dyes in our first medication, so we made the switch to dye free Motrin and he has been doing much better. I felt like such a bad mother when I realized what was in the first brand. Red dye, we all know that's bad, what was I thinking? Another added benefit is that we don't have those lovely 'cherry' colored stains all over our bibs. Baby OxiClean got the mess out, but I'm all about the dye free. 


For now, you can find us relaxing, enjoying some of our favorite puzzles, books and of course snuggling with bunny and blankey. Hope you guys are having a better Friday. If you have some wine around, drink a bit for me. Scratch that, i'll need a glass when James goes to bed! 




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