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5 Things I Love About Being a Mom

October 3, 2017




I’m a very planned out type of person, which mean’t I needed to get my blog schedule down and have the perfect calendar for October. Then I got a great idea, let’s dedicate Monday’s to all things ‘Mom.’ Even if you’re not currently a mom, it will be a great way to get to behind the scenes (if you want children in the future!) I’m pretty bias, but I must say being a Mom is pretty amazing. Here are a few of my favorite things!




1. Hugs and Kisses. James is at the age where he is starting to interact more and more. He is blowing kisses, giving kisses and handing out those around the neck hugs. They are the best!


2. Playtime. I forgot what it was like to use my imagination, (pregnancy kind of mushed my brain) but I love the smiles and giggles I get to enjoy everyday with James.


3. Shopping. Have you ever shopped for a little one? I don’t think I need to elaborate. Plus, nowadays they make mini adult-like clothes and James looks like a miniature man walking around, so stinking cute. 


4. Making new friends. Oh you’re a mom? Me too! *Proceeds to chat about all things kids and makes a new friend.* If only everything in life were that easy!!


5. My Relationship. Being able to watch my Son with my Husband is so heartwarming and rewarding. Knowing that we have created this amazing life and family unite is something I explain. 



I’m other news…I’m getting baby fever again, can you tell? A lot of you have been asking when we will try for a second and for now my answer is, i’m not sure. We are just taking it all in still and will most likely wait another 12-18 months. However, we may or may not of talked about babies names on the way home from brunch the other day, like I said, who knows? 


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