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Our Trip To The Children's Hospital

October 9, 2017





We always try and make any type of appointment positive for James, babies can feed off of your stress very easily. We had to travel about an hour away to see a doctor who specializes in the procedure James needs. (For his own privacy and for later in life, i'm keeping the surgery details within our family, just know it's not anything extremely dangerous.) 


My husband and I still need to take James to the cardiologist to make sure they can proceed with the surgery, but the surgeon said he does not see an issue with preforming. We were so glad to hear that news, we went all the way to this very hospital last year and they told us we would have to wait, that they didn't know when it could be preformed. So fingers crossed now is a good time. 


Unfortunately, James will have to be put under general anesthesia (fully under) which for me is super scary and I'm dreading seeing him like that. I'm also very worried, I've read one of the most concerning side effects is with blood flow and James has an innocent heart murmur. They didn't seem concerned about it last year, but I'm not sure what they will think about him going under for a full procedure. 


Mom worries never end and I'm trying to remind myself everything will be just fine, please keep James in your thoughts. I'll be sure to update you all!


XO, Brittany 


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