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April 5, 2018



"We all do it, we get those outfits ready, rush out the door and go to a field with lush greenery to get the “perfect” Christmas card photo. Now I’m still trying to decide which image to use, but I think this one says it all and it makes me laugh. Serious James, me (actually) hysterically laughing and Sean saying, “just kill me now” under his breath. This is us and I love it." IG: @brittanybanter


I decided to try and take our Holiday photos on my own this year. You know, be the do it all "DIY Mom" and I have to say the turned out pretty great for being completely FREE. My brother grabbed my iPhone and turned on portrait mode (for some of these.) Then I added the images to my VSCO app and edited within 10 min. 


For most of my images I like to use A4, A5 and A6, all presets within VSCO Cam. I often up the contrast, exposure and sharpen the image. It is all about being comfortable with the app and lighting is evening. Practice with your phone and VSCO came for a while and you'll be surprised the images you can create.


My dress is by, Shop Pink Blush. A personal thank you to them for sending it for our family photos. I can't wait to wear it through my next pregnancy and beyond.


DRESS LINK: (partner.)



Hope you enjoyed this post,



Brittany Snedegar


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