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April 19, 2018

I've been wanting to write this for a while, I'm just also the person who would rather laugh than get sappy on ya. But, here I am. Call me maple syrup. (Do you guys say seer-up or sur-up? I have to know...)



Dear YouTube Fam,


       I just typed to say I love you. XO BRIT. Joking, I'm going to put the comedy on hold for 2.5 seconds and just tell you guys a few things. First off, THANK YOU. Without all of you, my channel would not be worth while. My mission is to let you guys escape for 5 min. From the headaches of life, from that long day at work, the drama you might be dealing with, illness, family issues, a breakup or just that toddler you love so much, but you finally get a minute to yourself, from anxiety, depression or maybe you are just looking for a laugh.


      Not only do I enjoy creating content, but I love interacting with you guys! I love reading your comments or messages on Instagram. Believe it or not, I even enjoy the hate. The person who leaves a mean comment, they could be going through something too, I don't judge. I've been there (not leaving mean comments) but I've been through struggles. I've been through stress, through depression, through pain and humor has ALWAYS been my escape. 


So cheers to you guys, to each of you and your stories. To your corks and flaws, never let anyone make you feel anything else but the perfect person you are, YOU! I hope my videos let you escape and smile. Just remember, life is short, let's make the most of it!



SCROLL TO VERY BOTTOM FOR A LAUGH, in case you need one for today!



XO, Brit







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