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The Day I Lost My Baby Boy

May 3, 2018




I was so afraid this day would come, the day I would finally lose my baby boy. The day I would realize I no longer have a precious newborn, an infant who feels like a part of me every second of everyday. The moment I would look up and my heart would sink realizing my baby is gone. 


That day was today. I took these pictures while we were outside and as my eye looked up and hit the screen, my little baby boy vanished through the camera lens and a son I have never met before was looking right at me.


A piece of me sunk, as a small tear of both sorrow and realization fell to the firm and brittle grass. That tear carried so many emotions, so many thoughts. I felt myself trying to search for memories in my mind, how did we get to this day?


My body felt numb as my finger continued to fall to my camera, to capture this moment and in all of 10 seconds, my precious baby was gone. This new little boy sat in front of me, trying to mend my thoughts with his glare, a glare of someone familiar. And with his stare he told me, I'll always be your baby. 




Today I thought I lost my baby,

My son taught me otherwise. 









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