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May 13, 2018




My husband and I were talking and this is the 3rd year with my little guy on Mother's Day. The first, he was in my belly. It's hard to accept that time goes so quickly. 


For a lot of us, we think of Mother's Day as a time to celebrate, a time where our Husband help out more, a time where we plant the plants in the garden, our kids bring us those precious handmade cards and we enjoy family.


However, there are also Mothers who celebrate in a different way. There are Mothers who never got to hold their babies, there are Mother's who took a journey to heaven to give their child life, there are Mother's who have lost their own Mother. Mother's who cherish memories and feelings we can't even imagine. 


I wanted to shed light on the fact, that there are all kinds of Mother's. So when you see the cards on the shelf, the flowers in the water filled buckets, the ads on endless platforms. Remember those Mother's too, for they are far too strong and special to forget. And remember at one point, you could be that Mother.




I hope you all squeeze your little blessings a little tighter and enjoy your Sunday. For we are all Mothers in our own way. We all feel and celebrate in our own way as well. 



XO, Brit





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