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DIY Balayage + Why We Change Our Hair

May 22, 2018


I recently decided I needed a change, a cheap change. So I looked through youtube, watched some videos and my impulsive self set out on a mission to go BLONDE. Well, blonder. I'll link my DIY balayage video below if you guys want to check it out.


This post isn't going to be a step-by-step, but a quick overview on why we change our hair. Many of you may scroll through Pinterest, or instagram, decide on an image to take to your stylist or hairdresser.


But what sparks that craving for change? We would typically think it's because we want to look like that image, which may be partially true. However, studies show that we are often going through a major life event when we want to make such a MAJOR change to our appearance. A new job, a step forward after a death, a break-up or even a move across the country.


All in all, it's typically us proclaiming our independence from that event or time in our life. A bloom to a new chapter, the closing of an old door. It's a beautiful thing and ironically we often chop off those inches of hair that may of been growing  in when those exact events were taking place. 


So my advice to you, embrace change! Move past those dark events or allow those new adventures to spring you towards something new. Who knows, maybe your hair may just change your mind.



I hope you guys enjoyed this post, follow me on Instagram for daily life updates and similar content and check out my youtube channel for a more in-depth view on our life:

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