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May 30, 2018





One thing I thought I would never be, is VEGAN. However, I've also said, I would never sound like my Mother, never move to Florida and never keep my hair short. All of which, are no longer true.


I guess you should never say never?


After trying Vegan meals for a week, I am totally understanding of clean eating. I'm a good one foot in, about to jump back out kind of healthy eater. I can never seem too commit. Although, I'm now thinking about incorporating vegan meals into our weekly routine to clean up our menu a bit.


Thanks to Purple Carrot, eating Vegan couldn't be easier. They have a full menu of options where you can pick 3 meals that you would like for the week. Simply, open, follow menu card and enjoy.


Going out of town? Not sure about the current meal options for your pallet? Or just need a break? You just skip the week and plan the next week. It's also a subscription you can stop at any time for any reason, no penalties. 


I've never been so thrilled about a food service, or the fact that my son and husband now want to eat more plants. I've attached our link and code below to get $30 off your first PURPLE CARROT BOX. I'm hoping to see other effects from eating more plants, like better skin, more energy and just overall health changes. Do you guys ever eat vegan?






Enjoy! Let me know if you trying it out, feel free to message me on Instagram with questions.

INSTAGRAM: @brittanybanter


XO, Brit


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