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July 4, 2018






Alright you guys, as they say on YouTube (and basically ALL OVER now.) I am going to spill the tea! I'm giving you a guide to thrifting and saving some major money! I even have secrets on how to make a few extra dollars, but that will be in a different post so make sure you subscribe to my blog and youtube channel (linked below.)


First off, let's start with where to shop. I find 89% of my thrifted items from GOODWILL. They are constantly pulling and restocking new items, cycling clothes in and out. Here is the low down on GOODWILL, they run super low prices. We are talking $3.49 for a shirt, (prices are sorted by category.) So let's say there is a shirt from H&M, that shirt will be $3.49. A shirt from Walmart? $3.49. A shirt from BURBERRY? You guessed it, still $3.49. So quick lesson, dig, dig , dig and you'll be surprised what you'll find. 


Tip #2, dig for the goods that are also, ON SALE. Goodwill, Salvation Army, local thrift shops will often have there items sorted by color. Each day there is a 'Color of the Day.' Meaning if you find an item with a color tag that is yellow and yellow is the color that day, you can often get that garment for 50% to even 75% off. That Burberry top were were talking about? Yeah, that sucker is now down to under $2. THAT IS INSANE!


My last tip, pull up google. Look for thrift stores near you and if you have a more boujee/ upscale area near your home, go to those stores first. You wouldn't believe the type of things people buy and donate, sometimes even items they have never worn. I've found items with tags that are in perfect condition!



I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you want to see more thrifting content, check out my video below and make sure to follow my other socials for updates on thrifting and things I find!









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