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July 18, 2018







You know when you hit a certain age and items for your home are like blocks to a toddler? Yeah, that's me over here. I have a new Mom hack to share and I'm already ranking it my top hack for 2018 and it's July. If that doesn't show how obsessed I am, I'm not sure what else to say. Actually wait, don't click off yet! I have a lot to say, actually.



I'm sure you are all like 'Share the hack already woman!' So here it is...





Let that sink in, an entire rug, that can go into your standard washing machine...Bye, bye scrubbing and wiping and hoping that you can get mess out by hand. Bye dust, dander, food crumbs, hair, dirt, I can go on. Oh, and bye pee pee that is on there from chasing your toddler and doing a Mom dive with a diaper, where you got there just a little too late. Just me? Yeah, you know it's you too. 


This rug is by Lorena Canals, is 100% cotton, made with eco-friendly dyes and is pet-friendly. That just makes my little interior heart so happy. I'll have them listed down below for you guys. They have a wide variety on their website and I cannot wait to put their rugs all over my house. I feel like these colors really help tie James's room together and he loves to play on the rug, IT IS SO SOFT!


Mom's in love, James is in love, it's a win-win all around.


I also mentioned Lorena Canals in one of my latest vlogs and on my instagram. If you would like to see a few more shots on the rug we have in James's room, those links are down below as well! Thanks for reading you guys, let me know what hacks you have for Motherhood or just interior hacks in general!









XO, Brit









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