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August 21, 2018


Friendship can be so strange and so meant to be. I want you guys to meet Kayla! She is one of my best friends from school and is always there to be my back bone, funny bone and supporter! I don’t get to share my friends that often because my gal pals from college live so far away.


When we were moving to Florida that was a huge sacrifice we had to make, moving away from basically everyone. I’d like to say it’s been easy, but when I come back home and then have to leave all over again, it’s depressing. Feeling so much love and then having to walk away from it, not knowing when you’ll be around all of it again is heartbreaking. Yes, I’ve made new friends and I still have my husband and James, but life is very different without love surrounding you in all directions. Thank god for FaceTime, letters and occasional travel.


Kayla and I got to hang out for an entire day and it took me back to our college days! We didn’t need anyone when we had each other. McDonalds, a good TV show and DIY pedicures at her little attic apartment. So weird to think before this day together, we hadn’t seen each other since my wedding, 3 years ago.

T H R E E  freaking  Y E A R S   A G O.


That’s so crazy, because the second I hugged her, we were back in her little apartment for a split second. We were back to being inseparable and independent, back to our college selves, back to being best friends in half a second. We've always been close, even when she and I are far away, but seeing someone after that long normally feels foreign, odd and a little awkward at first. Not with Kayla, she is seriously the best.


I just wanted to share this post in hopes that you guys remember to keep in contact with friends and cherish them! Kayla and I had been on and off with talking for so long and we both decided we should make it a priority. Friendships like ours are hard to come by and are for sure irreplaceable. 



So this post is to good friends! CHEERS, to you, a new move to Portland and good company for a day. My heart is full for another 3 years, but I know I'll see you before then!


LOVE YOU bunches Kayla!





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