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September 3, 2018



We had so much fun sharing Disney with James, for the first time the other day! Going into our day trip we were not sure which rides were completely toddler friendly so we waited to pick fast passes when we were already at the park. Magic Kingdom has a TON of rides that are friendly for little ones. As a reference, James just turned two and loved all of the rides listed below and met requirements to ride each of the attractions listed below. I have rides listed in no particular order, but I will rank them out of 10 for an overall rating of enjoyment from James's perspective. 


1. Mad Hatter Tea Cups: (8/10)

This ride was a hit with James! The line never seemed to be more than 20-25 minutes when checking on our app and when we arrived in line, which is important when you have a small child with you. The ride seemed to be James's overall favorite and we went on twice. It was also his first ride at Disney and he would say, "MORE" the second it stopped and point to go back as we left. I'm giving this an 8/10 because of the length of the ride and the amount of visual "attraction."


2. It's A Small World (10/10)

This ride is slower and you sit and enjoy a moving "show" if you will. All the different continents are portrayed as little moving dolls that look like children. It's very stimulating for little ones and James was constantly looking around in awe. I would say this was a close tie with his favorite ride and the wait was also not very long. 


3. Peter Pan's Flight (9/10)

This ride is one that you'll want to grab a fast pass for! The wait stayed at 75 min.+ while we were there and we did not get to go on. I have been on before and know James would love this one! A must for sure!


4. Haunted Mansion (6/10)

If you have a little one who is easy frightened don't bother with this ride. James was fine but we felt like it was because he does not yet comprehend fear. 


5. Pirates of the Caribbean (7/10)

This ride has a small drop in the beginning in the pitch black, so judge based on your own child. James held a little tight but was not afraid and would for sure ride again. A nice relaxing ride to cool off!


6. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin / Dumbo (9/10)

Both are very similar, I would recommend trying out both. James did well on Dumbo as well! However, I would recommend Dumbo over Aladdin because of the play area that they have for while you're waiting to get on Dumbo. 


7. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (9/10)

A show for the whole family to enjoy! Lots of laughs in this one and if you are a nursing mama, you can nurse and watch the show in the AC and keep the other kids entertained! 



Other rides for small children/ toddlers and family!


-Disney's Railroad

-Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

-Mickey's Toontown Fair

-Under The Sea 

-Jungle Cruise


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Our video of James's first day of Disney is down below. Let me know what you're favorite Magic Kingdom Ride is in the comment section!






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