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5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Odor

September 21, 2018







5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Odor

If you guys are like me, dishes pile up and so does the laundry! It's like a vicious cycle. I am the type of Mom that lets things pile a bit too high and then I like to get everything done all at on time. If you are on top of it, these tips will still help you too! I've teamed up with OdorKlenz to test out a few new ways to banish odors and I am so excited to share the results with you guys! I also have a few other household hacks I use ALL THE TIME in today's post! I love when I find new products that are up to my standards!



Often my husband’s clothes, toddlers and my pets bedding smell AWFUL! We are talking a sniff test that will knock you out of your socks! I was getting so sick of having to scrub clothes with stain remover or stink remover as some companies call it. I would take 30+ minutes to prep the clothes, just to let them sit for a few hours to activate the product. With OdorKlenz’s Laundry Additive, I simply fill the washer with water, add my detergent and pop in some additive and let the wash run. BAM, stink, stank, stunk is GONE. It's my secret weapon, so now hubs thinks I spend all day washing clothes, when really it just takes a fourth of the time using OdorKlenz! I have some before and after’s below. 



I've talked about this hack before in a video, but it's so simple and easy to accomplish while your clothes are in the wash. Grab a dryer sheet and run it across your couch. I have a fabric couch, and this can not only leave it smelling nice, but it can get rid of static and dirt or debris sitting on the top of your fabric. 


3. Sink & Disposal Deodorizer

Unfortunately, when the dishes pile up or even just with food or grim sitting around in your sink, it's easy for odor to build up in and around your sink and also in the disposal. I'm obsessed with making sure smells and odors are eliminated completely. Once I get going with the dishes I get motivated to use the Sink & Disposal Deodorizer (also by OdorKlenz) leaving the entire area spotless and odorless. Shown below. 



Curtains can also hold quite a bit of odor, pet hair, human hair and dust. Toss them in the wash and pop in your detergent and the laundry additive mentioned above. Just don't dry them on too high of a setting, I have had friends shrink their curtains! OOPS.



I know, I know, I'm one to talk. But if you use the hacks listed above even just once a week. You'll notice a huge change in the odors coming from things like your husband, kids, pets, etc.!



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I hope this post motivated you guys to try new tricks for eliminating odors in your home. OdorKlenz has made such a huge difference in my routine. I was quickly drawn to their line because of their non-toxic products that are made from earth minerals. They are safe to use around your family and pets and super simple, quick and easy with a major pay off. I have their site linked below along with the 2 products I mentioned in today’s post. Hope you guys are having a great start to your Fall!




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