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October 9, 2018










Ahhh the smell of a new stroller, a stroller that I can push with my pinky! It's a glorious day over here! We have had our Joovy for almost a month now and we are in love with it's sleek, clean look and it's easy to move mobility. If you guys know me personally or have been following me for a while, you know I am extremely researched based when it comes to big purchases. I have to know every detail, read all the reviews and scour through more than a few sites. Welp, that is exactly what I did and this stroller is one of the best bangs for your buck!


It's hard for me to say, but my other strollers feel like dinosaurs now and when I am around friends I tell them to push our stroller and they are in a state of constant confusion as they grasp the handle bar, IT'S THAT GOOD! I'm still in shock myself to be honest. This is the definition of walking on a cloud, it's hard to explain. The glide, the swivel, I'm in love. 


I'm sharing a tour of the stroller on my channel and a full assembly speed play. Check out the link below and if you are wanting to get it going and get back into shape or just have a new stroller in your collection, or even if you're a first time mom, THIS STROLLER IS A MUST. It's also on major sale. Link to the video and to shop are down below!





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