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The Battle To Choose Joy

October 17, 2018




I've been sharing my digital life for a while, you guys have seen the good, the not so good and days in my life as a whole. However, social media is just a snapshot of my life, it's about less than half of the stuff that really goes on and often I hold back on sharing my emotions. I originally started my channel to share motherhood, give advise and share products (all of which I still do) but I slowly started realizing that humor and horrific dancing was something I wanted to incorporate into my content. After all, who isn't entertained by someone twerking on their fridge?


Once in a while, I like to share some of my struggles with your guys, today is going to be one of the days. I'm going to share 3 ways I choose joy, 3 ways I try and turn my day around and make myself stay in a positive mind frame. If you guys didn't already know I am naturally a very anxious person, I struggled with anxiety and depression after having James and I personally think those are not things that you fully "heal" from, but rather learn to cope with. I hope this post helps you guys, if you have ways that help you choose joy head to my Instagram and share on the photo you see above on my feed. I love that we can use our community to help each other.




Having a child, a stressful job or a busy schedule can sometimes make it hard to have a good balanced diet. I'm not saying eat salad 24/7 (you guys know I like me a Fish Fillet) I'm saying make sure you get in 3 decent meals and plenty of water to start. When I first had James I was eating snacks and for sure not enough calories in my day to keep my body satisfied and nurtured. Plus, making water your best friend is a easy way to stay on top of the game. Music is also something I love to add to my schedule, James and I listen to music to relax, to dance to and even when we are doing crafts.




This can sometimes go one way or the other. Often if I am in a bad mood I do not what to deal with "people" but I'll try and schedule a walk with a friend, moms night out or a playdate to keep myself in friendly relationships. This helped me feel purpose and gave me someone to talk to when I need opinions and having friendships in your life is also proven to boost your mood and reduce stress.




Every day I try and find time for JUST ME. An hour or two with no work, no toddler, no husband, no pets. Just me, a cup of coffee and a show or book. I find that it resets my mood and makes for a happier me. 



I hope this post helps you guys choose joy, somedays its hard to get out of a "funk" but our mental abilities can truly make a difference when we take care of our bodies. Don't forget to share your own tips on how you choose joy!














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