UA-114846918-9 UA-114846918-9 Christmas came early! A MUST HAVE ITEM FOR TODDLERS.
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Christmas came early! A MUST HAVE ITEM FOR TODDLERS.

December 6, 2018





Most of you don’t know, that I used to teach preschoolers and then I ended up teaching Kindergarten, as well. I love items that spike creativity, open little ones to exploring their imagination and cover bases for developmental tasks.


We teamed up with Delta Children to share their Art Easle and they have other amazing gifts for little ones as well (I’ll have a link below and images of my other favorite pieces from their site.) 


James is doing really well using his fine motor skills to draw and this easle allows him to stay standing which is awesome, because he doesn’t always sit still long enough to finish an art project. You for sure get your money’s worth with this piece because it comes with 2 storage bins, a large roll of paper to draw on, a dry erase board on one side, chalk board on the other and colorful magnet letters. 


The last thing I’ll leave you guys with are some ideas on how to use the easle for play and learning!


1. Letters and colors: use the magnet letters to talk about letters in your childs name, letter names, letter sounds, spelling and even the colors of the letters. For older children, put a letter on the board and have them draw the letter with chalk or a dry erase marker.


2. Shape: draw a shape each day of the week and find things in your house that match the shape!


3. Letter of the day: pick a letter, talk about the sound, what it says and something that starts with that letter and draw a picture.



Hope you guys enjoy this post! Link is HERE  to shop the wooden art easle by Delta Children, below are my other top picks from their site!









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