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December 17, 2018





I never thought I would be making a blog post talking about the loo, but here we are. I'm going to share my tips and important steps to potty training with you guys. Just for reference my son is a couple months shy of 2 and a half. He was showing interest in flushing when I went to the bathroom. In this method, you will want to be able to stay home for long periods of time for 3-4 days (longer if possible.) Alright let's dive in.


STEP ONE: Order or Purchase Necessities

You'll want to make sure you have a toddler toilet, underwear and treats or a reward for your son or daughter. I'll link the toilet we have HERE. We decided we wanted a toilet for upstairs and downstairs and I highly recommend having two. The toilet we have comes with a splash guard, if you have a boy PLEASE for the love of god get one with a splash guard. 



Set up the toilet you purchased. We put the toilets out the same day we started and I let James sit on it, flush it, we talked about it and I explained why we had it. 


STEP THREE: Keep Them Naked & Pay Attention

For this method you want your toddler to be aware of their body and what happens when they are using the bathroom. Most likely your child will have a few accidents on the floor. If you watch closely and stay close by with asking every 20-30 min. these will be limited. If they are to have an accident it is important not to get upset with them or yell. After all, they are used to going on demand in a diaper and they are learning too. Set them on the toilet every 30 or so minute until the go and celebrate and praise their accomplishments, then immediately reward them for their job well done. Keep their special treat close by and let them help grab the treat if that helps. It is also important to celebrate them trying even if they did not go, positivity should be used at all times. 


STEP FOUR: Underwear

Continue with Step 3 and slowly lessen the times you put them on the toilet and allow them to start telling you gradually. I ended up using underwear on James to go out and in the house after the 4th full day of potty training. If you feel your toddler is not ready for underwear, keep them naked.  Make sure you continue to ask them as needed. If they are to have an accident, remind them that going on the floor is yucky and messy (in a nice tone) and that when they go on the potty they get a special treat. You may need to change the treat if they get bored of the first treat option. 


By the end of the week your toddler should be able to wear underwear and let you know when they need to pee. It is a good idea to continue to ask when you are out. We are still using diapers during nap and bedtime and I plan to do so until he is about 3 years old. 


THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Do not start and be willing to give up easily, it will not only confuse your toddler, but it will make you start completely from scratch. I would recommend waiting until you can be at home for a week and can stick to the strict steps. Do not start if you feel your toddler is not ready. I would not start if you feel your toddler does not understand toilet use or if they can not communicate to you that they need to use the toilet. Days 1 and 2 seemed the easiest for use, then James started to catch on and 3 and 4 were a bit rough with him becoming frustrated. I am so glad I pushed through those days though. Don't give up! You guys can do it!



I hope this helps you guys!

Until next time, xo


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