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March 6, 2019











We made it to the beach over the weekend! It’s my favorite place on earth. The waves, the breeze, the smell and all the sounds make my heart so happy and relaxed. I’ve even considered starting to run on the beach and just take James there in the afternoon for walks. It’s amazing how your surroundings can change your mood and turn your day around. 


Today we packed up all of our essentials, hit the road and spent the day at the beach. Having our family together in a place so seren is the best. Unfortunately, on the way home and James decided to take a mini cat nap and not take his afternoon nap at all. If you’re a mama you quickly realize that that is a recipe for disaster. My husband and I spent the afternoon and evening being hit in the face, having things thrown at us and spent some time with an especially-amazing high pitch squeal in our ears.


I’ve been doing so well with redirecting James, but after missing an entire nap, I quickly started counting down the hours until bedtime. You guys of heard me talk about ‘counting down hours’ before and how I am trying to take advantage of every moment I have with James but some days are honestly just miserable. 


I wanted to share this post to help you guys realize that every day doesn’t have to be happy and perfect. In fact, crappy days might just make you realize how great other days are. After all, there has to be a positive spin on everything, so crappy days are just a way to give you a baseline on reality. I hope you guys had a better weekend than we did on this day, at least the hours at the beach were fun. 


So I guess what I’m trying to say is the days are long but the years of them being little are so short! Hold on to them and always find a silver lining. 














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