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May 10, 2018




Hey guys! I just want to keep everyone in the loop and share what's going on in our life, big and small.



1. James is growing like a weed, at 19 months old he is already catching a ball and shooting hoops from a few feet back. WHAT THE HECK, gluing my eyes open now, so I can't blink.


2. We are still planning on trying to add another little one to our family soon. We want to try around James's birthday. Look out for a post on how I prep my body from pregnancy.


3. We are going to Disney! If you don't follow me on Instagram: @brittanybanter, head over there for story updates and posts. I'll also be sharing what I pack for Disney on my YouTube Channel


4. I feel so lucky and blessed that all of my social media accounts are allowing me to stay home full-time through us getting pregnant again and having another child. Thank you guys all so much for your support! Without you, I wouldn't be able to do what I do!


5. Some of you have been asking if we love Florida and if we plan to stay. The answer is, YES! We will be here for a long time, we hate the snow and Sean is doing really well with his current job. We have also made some great friends here and feel like it is finally feeling like "home" minus my mom. We love our Nana, lots!


6. Sean did his chores over the weekend! I feel like thats a big W for me, I didn't even have to ask him. 




Hope you guys are having a great week. I'll be posting on here 1-2 times per week and love having a space to write down my thoughts. Let me know over on Instagram: (@brittanybanter) what you guys want to see more of!



XO, Brit. 





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