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June 15, 2019






Lately things have been rough, rough as in I get frustrated and feel like I don’t truly know myself over almost anything. I go through ups and downs and feel empty sometimes and it makes me upset. My sense of purpose has been lost for a while. I pride myself on making my own money, being able to stay home and trying to conquer the house, my toddler, my relationships and balance it all. 



Well, you know what? ALL OF THAT IS NOT EASY, because it’s impossible. So I’ve recently made changes! Sometimes you have to let some things go to prioritize what truly matters. So, my laundry is behind, my floors need scrubbed, my hair needs cut, my car needs cleaned. But you know what is florishing? My child, my new source of income and my relationship. James has been given my undivided attention throughout most of the day by staying off of my email and social media, my work waits until the night so I can focus and my husband and I played cards together the other night instead of doing our own thing. Who are we? And yes I’m aware cards are for couples in there 70s, but we like it ok?


I guess what I’m trying to say is REALTIONSHIPS are the answer, get off your phone, get off the couch, grab your husbands hand or your sons, make plans and go! Time is too precious not to spend it together and that sense of loneliness has slowly been melting away and I’m so glad. I hope you guys feel love and laughter today and everyday with people you love!


XO, Brittany 









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