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Becoming a New Young Mom

June 20, 2019




“A lot of people don’t realize how young Sean and I were when we got married and then conceived and had James. I was 21 when we got married, 23 when I got pregnant and 24 (by a month) when he was born. 


Being a young new mom, in a new town, with no family or friends around was VERY isolating. It put me in a dark place and made me feel like I was truly alone. 


Thankfully we made friends quickly through Seans job, met neighbors and I met a lot of new people on here once I started sharing my journey as a Mom. If you ever feel alone, know you truly are NOT, even an online friend can help make things feel not so lonely. 


I hope you guys know I’m so thankful to have this space, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, social media can be such an amazing space when we come together for good. I volunteer as tribute to be that person for you guys any-day! I love humor and comedy but also have a soft, nurturing and kind side to me, I SWEAR!


I hope this message reaches you if you need it today. I plan to “tame” my humor just a bit (sorry) because I miss sharing my emotions as well. I think balancing both will be a struggle at first but I want to find a good groove and I thank those of you in advance that are always here to support whatever content I produce. Love you guys, mean it!” -@brittanybanter, Instagram 








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