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How To Make Time For Yourself + Why You NEED To!

June 26, 2019



This post isn’t just for moms, in fact it can be for anyone! Making time for yourself, your hobbies, your passions and just having time to reflect is so important. 


When I became a mom I felt like all my individual freedom was squashed like a tiny innocent ant walking around on the ground. I quickly announced to my husband that he would have to help a tad more, to allow me to get out of the house and to just have time truly just for me, time solely to myself. After all, naptime does NOT count! So here are my tips for making time for yourself and what to do with that time.


Tip #1: Make A Schedule

Want to get your nails done or your hair, want to go shopping alone? Establish a schedule with your spouse, babysitter or care provider. When other people know and have expectations of what you need, there’s no questioning or misunderstanding.



Again, when I first became a mom I was so tired all the time and down in the dumps. But, I wish I had always made sure to take the time that was given to me to refresh and start a new. Sometimes you don’t feel like going to get your hair done or you’d might not feel like going out to the store, but it’s necessary to have that time in solitude.



Sometimes when we’re super busy with things and we’re constantly processing information we lose our way as an individual. To make sure that you can find yourself and find time for yourself create something you’re passionate about or find something that drives you! For me it’s passive income and how I can help my family financially through selling on eBay and Amazon FBA. I plan on going more in depth on how I do that in another blog post and on a few videos, so stay tune. Purpose and passion is very important!


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. I’m adding some other articles and references below if you want to check out more informative versions of what I just shared. And as always if you guys want to contact me my handle on Instagram is @brittanybanter.


















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