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Don’t Wish Your Babies Away

June 29, 2019







“I hope you know you’ll always be my little boy, you’ll always be loved, I’ll always try to make you feel understood, you’ll always be my sunshine. Do you ever look at your children and think, how? How can they be this big, how can they be this old, this mature (joking with the maturity one for now lol James is fussing right in front of me) just overall how can they have been so tiny and now those days are so far behind us? 


James is only turning 3 in about a month but I feel like I was just holding him, rocking him, nursing him, laying him down and wondering how I got so lucky to have a handsome, sweet, grumpy, innocent little angel. 


Parenting has been tough lately but days like today when I look up and see a little boy instead of a baby remind me that I should try and cherish everyday for what it is and laugh at the hiccups we may have. One day I’ll miss the loud house, I’ll miss the slapping footsteps, the boogers, the fingerprints on the window, I know I’ll miss it because I’m already upset just thinking about it. 


I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re having a tough time, a tough day, a season with your kids and it seems like it will never end, it will and you’ll wish you didn’t rush those times away so quickly. Snuggle your babies and make them feel loved. One day they will go out on their own and your time with them now will create your relationship with them later. 🌊” @brittanybanter, Instagram 









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